Handwork for the Lively Arts

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Handwork for the Lively Arts includes those projects that are related in some way to one of the lively arts: drama, music, etc.

I/ Environments

Create environments into which the children can physically enter.

Ideas for environments:

A. Child-sized house, or Playhouse

B. Tower of Babel with cardboard boxes

C. Building a set, or making props for a play

II/ Puppets

Puppets may be used in puppet shows, or with less formal puppet play.

A. Stick Puppets

Draw the puppet on stiff paper or light cardboard. Then cut out the puppet. Attach the puppet to a “tongue depressor” (large wood craft stick) using hot melt glue. To see an example of such a puppet, made by a seven-year-old, click here.

B. Paper bag puppets

Sample project on this website (as shown in the photo below).

Three of the completed puppets

III/ Masks

My video on how to make masks

Written instructions on how to make simple masks elsewhere on this website (as shown in the photos below).

You can make a simple mask by drawing the mask on cardstock, cutting it out, then attaching a string to tie the mask on your face. The difficult part is figuring out where the eyeholes should be. The link above has templates you can use to make masks, with eyeholes about the right distance apart.

A simple tie-on mask made of cardstock and string

Instead of tying the mask on, you can also mount the mask on a stick, as shown below. Use a piece of folded corrugated cardboard to make the stick. You can tape the tick on the mask.

Simple cardstock mask mounted on a stick