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You’ll want to read Reimagining Sunday School. This short essay will give you useful background for the curriculums on this website.

Featured curriculums:

Neighboring Religions: For grades 6-8. Two curriculum years, 24 lessons each year. Has been taught online (with online visits), or in person (with in-person visits). Still in development, but lesson plans are complete. Planned future development includes adding more material consistent with American Academy of Religion guidelines for religious literacy; adding hints for online teaching; updating video resources.

From Long Ago: For grades 3-5. Eight lessons. Story-based curriculum introducing stories from many religions. Based on the old Sophia Fahs “From Long Ago and Many Lands” curriculum, updated with insights from contemporary religious studies. Planned future development includes revising stories for greater fidelity to original sources. Link to “From Many Lands curriculum” which has another 7 lessons.

Ecojustice Class: For grades 6-8. A year-long project-based curriculum that teaches ecojustice concepts through hands-on activities. For example, students help build a simple rocket stove, cook on it, while also learning how rocket stoves help women who have to cook using wood fuels. N.B.: Many of the lessons take the students outdoors, and the curriculum will have to be adjusted for climate, season, and bioregion.