First Day of Sunday School

A lesson plan for the first day of Sunday school (gr. preK-8).
Adjust this lesson plan as needed for different age levels.


Take attendance. Usually the assistant teacher does this while the lead teacher begins the lesson.

You MUST take attendance at the beginning of class, and in case of an emergency evacuation you must take the attendance sheet with you.


Light the chalice with the usual chalice lighting words and gestures. These words are online here.


Do a “check-in” where each child gets a chance to say a little about their week. You could say something like this:

“Now we’re going to go around the circle, and every person will have a chance to say a good thing and a bad thing that happened to them this past week. If you don’t want to, just say ‘Pass’. Only one person talks at a time, so please save any questions or comments for AFTER everyone has had a chance to talk.”

That last rule is VERY important. A child who is new to the group, or who doesn’t have close friends in the group, may feel left out when there’s lots of cross-talk for the popular kids, but no cross-talk at all when they speak.


Play some name games and icebreaker games! This will help you and the class learn each other’s names, and help you all feel more comfortable with each other.

There are lots of name games and icebreakers online here.

(e) For Red (pre-K) and Yellow (K-1) classes:

You might want to add a story. You can find children’s picture books in the UUCPA library, behind the church office.

(f) If you have children who are new to UUCPA:

If there’s time, do a quick walking tour of our campus. Be sure everyone knows where the restrooms are, and the hot chocolate, and the playground. Other places of interest to kids include the labyrinth, and the covered patio and garden in back (where Navigators meets).


Stand in a circle. Hold hands (or touch elbows). Go around the circle, and everyone says one thing they learned today. Then everyone says the unison benediction together:

Go out into the world in peace
Be of good courage
Hold fast to what is good
Return no one evil for evil
Strengthen the fainthearted
Support the weak
Help the suffering
Rejoice in beauty
Speak love with word and deed
Honor all beings.


(Updated August, 2018.)