Teacher support

I. Manual for Sunday School Teachers in Unitarian Universalist Congregations

The Teacher’s Manual gives an overview of teaching for both new and experienced Sunday school teachers. All teachers will want to periodically review Chapter 1, Goals and Visions, to remind themselves of why we’re teaching. New teachers will especially appreciate Chapter 2, Basics of Teaching. More experienced teachers can deepen their knowledge and add to their teaching tool kit in Chapter 3, Models of Teaching and Learning. Chapter 4, Procedures and Policies, reviews information about substitutes, safety, and emergencies.

Chapter 1: Goals and Visions
Chapter 2: Basics of Teaching
Chapter 3: Models of Teaching and Learning
Chapter 4: Procedures and Policies

(Approx. 12,000 words total)

II. Podcasts for Sunday school teachers

Hosted by Joe Chee, teacher educator at Foothills College, with Dan Harper, Associate Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto.

This series of 11 podcasts was released in the 2009-2010 Sunday school year. Individual podcasts range from 8 to 17 minutes in length.

Goals and Visions

1. Goals for children’s religious education

2. Religious literacy

3. Developing religious skills

4. Building community and having fun

Teaching Tips and Techniques

5. How to lead check-ins

6. Storytelling for teachers

7. Leading discussions

11. Accommodating differences

Human Development for Sunday School Teachers

8. Faith development and developmental stages

9. Human developmental stages

10. Faith development and chronological age