Baker and Candymaker

More than any other artisans, children want to apprentice to the Baker and the Candymaker. The projects are obvious — bake something, make some kind of candy. The trick is to find recipes that can be reasonably completed in 30-40 minutes. Our recipes are below.

After you do the baking or candy-making, what then? Our kids like to go into social hour and “sell” the things they’ve made for “denarii” — in our monetary system, a denarius is a penny, so really they’re giving the goodies away. But then they get pennies, which go to the Baker and the Candymaker. That means that the next time the Tax Collector comes around, they know that they can shake down the Baker and the Candymaker for some taxes. This contributes to the overall story line of our Judean Village program.


This project has been refined over the years by Nancy Westerfield.

— several rolls of refrigerated dough for making biscuits
— cinnamon butter

Prepare the biscuits according to the instructions on the package. Before cooking, coat them with the cinnamon butter.

(It is tempting to try to make the biscuits from scratch, but we have found that takes too long for the average Judean Village class period, especially given that we have a “village gathering” at the beginning of the class session that can take up 15 minutes or more.)


Recipe coming soon.

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