Energy breaks

Games for UU kids and adults
Compiled and written by Dan Harper
Copyright (c) 2014 Dan Harper

Energy breaks are quick activities used to raise or possibly lower the energy level of a group.


Form a standing circle, then have everyone hold hands and squat down. As they slowly come up to standing, have them say “zzzzzzzzzzoooooooooooooom!” (or any other joyful noise or word) and end with a jump in the air.

Acorn, Tree

Form a standing circle. Have everyone gradually crouch down, making themselves as small as possible. As they do this, have them say, “Acorn, acorn, acorn…” getting softer and softer. Then, simultaneously jump up into the air and say “TREE!!” with enthusiasm. Do this one several times to energize a tired group.

Tone Singing

Have each person close their eyes release sound on a different tone. (Sing the different tones as “Aahh” or “Ooo”). Hold the tones as long as possible, taking staggered breaths so that the sound is constant. Listen as the voices come into harmony with each other, and go out of harmony again.

Have You Got The Spirit?

An energy-raising chant — for a PDF click here.

Have You Got the Spirit thumbnail image

See Bananas

Do this chant with the indicated motions.

— Do 1), then pause and say: “Mmmm!” while rubbing tummy and smiling.
— Then do 1) and 2), then pause and say: “Mmmm!” while rubbing tummy and smiling.
— Do 1) and 2) and 3), etc., until done.

1) See bananas. See, see bananas. (x2)
Motion: Hand over eyes, seeking

2) Pick bananas. Pick, pick bananas. (x2)
Motion: Hands out, pulling bananas off tree

3) Peel bananas. Peel, peel bananas. (x2)
Motion: Peeling a banana

4) Eat bananas. Eat, eat Bananas. (x2)
Motion: Shove ’em in your mouth!

5) Squish bananas. Squish, squish bananas. (x2)
Motion: Throw banana peel down and stomp on it.

6) Go bananas! Go, go bananas! (x2)
Motion: Flailing arms in the air, jumping up and down.